"My family reached out to Craig when we needed to sell our SF Richmond District home. It was clear when we first met that he knew exactly how to get the best price for our home and what it would take in terms of preparation in order to do so. Craig and his team
were professional, organized, and sensitive to all our needs and concerns. They arranged for EVERYTHING to prepare the home (painting, floor refinishing, landscaping and staging). They had an extensive list of contractors to handle the work. Everything was
taken care of quickly, at a reasonable cost, and the work was flawless. He guided us through all the paperwork and inspections. He has an extensive knowledge of the neighborhood, and is very familiar with trends and the overall market driving prices. Not only did the home sell very quickly, the price far exceeded all of our expectations. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him. We could not be happier with the experience and the outcome."

- Michael B.

"Craig was awesome to work with. Even before I started to officially work with him, he talked to me for over an hour and gave me great advice about what to think about which really helped narrow down my search. Once I got more serious, Craig was there for us every step of the way. He was very responsive to emails and calls at all times, and even worked with us to close quickly when he was at a training conference in another state. He got us a great deal on the property and made the buying process a lot more enjoyable that I would have expected. I would definitely recommend him!"

- Sandeep D.

"I am immensely appreciative of Craig’s help and support in my search for a “perfect” home in San Francisco.  This was a big change for me, and Craig showed patience, creativity and reliability in the search.  He was always cheerful, always available and knowledgeable about neighborhoods and amenities.  He asked excellent questions to help me in my evaluation of the properties we viewed.  He has positive relationships with other realtors and sales agents, which helped make the process pleasant and efficient.  He was great in the offer process, and achieved an excellent result.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an effective partner in the search for a San Francisco home."

- Judy H. 

"Craig is a phenomenal real estate agent. He's very smart and capable, makes himself available, offers great guidance, and truly keeps the buyer's interest as his top priority.

I've been very picky about my first property purchase, and I had a GREAT experience working with Craig. When buying in a highly competitive market, Craig is the ideal agent. He asked me the right questions, helped me identify the right fit for me, and he was able to close my first offer on a very competitive condo in Jack London Square. Throughout the entire process and well afterward, I couldn't possibly ask for more thorough, timely, accurate, and effective communication from Craig.

From visiting and discussing properties to communicating with sellers/agents and suggesting aggressive, intelligent, and thoughtful closing tactics, I was SUPER impressed with Craig's industry knowledge and ability to produce results. He's also a very pleasant and down-to-earth person to work with. He understands the seriousness of property investments and over-invests in his client's happiness, which has made me one very happy buyer.

I strongly recommend Craig's services for anyone looking to purchase a property, especially in and around San Francisco!"

- Dino F. 

"I'm over the moon beyond satisfied!!!
I am in escrow on a single family home in San Francisco Parkside. :) YAY!

Before Craig, I was working with another real estate agent who did not even have a tenth of his work charisma or market knowledge.  With the other agent, I was outbid 5 times, and I was starting to doubt my ability to ever land a house within my budget or within my desired location.

Craig got me into escrow on the second try!  Craig explained that an appealing offer involved more than just money. He came in with an arsenal of realtor tricks that settled my nerves and ultimately landed my dream house.

Customer service
Craig is a hard worker. I felt supported in every part of the house buying process. He summarized every portion of the disclosure packages, and explained almost every line of the offer package. He was dizzyingly quick with communication and was reachable at all times of day/night.  I did NOT expect that nor would I ever ask that of anyone, but he did it all the same. 
He asked me questions that showed

Attentiveness to Buyer's desires
Before we even began our house search, Craig sat down with me and went over a list of questions to get to know my house preference.  There were questions that I myself did not even consider!  I felt like he really understood what I wanted at the end of my meeting. His positive can-do attitude was infectious. I quickly began to regain my confidence.

All there is left to do now is wait for escrow to be over, and I will be drinking my first toast in my new house!!


- Lisa L.

"Dear Home Hunter, 

It can be really daunting to find the right home, let alone finding the right person to help you with that search. I was lucky enough to be connected with Craig by a friend of mine who recommended him. Upon our first email correspondence Craig quickly jumped on the phone to assess what my needs would be. As someone completely new to house hunting and home buying I had VERY MANY questions. Craig, without hesitation, proceeded to walk me through the common lingo, break down of phases in home buying, and even gave me some helpful tips on my search. 

While the location of my search ended up in a different area that he serviced, Craig, reached out to some contacts who did service the area. Of course, I already felt some hesitation being handed off to someone completely different but! Craig, again without me asking, offered to sit in on the phone calls with the new realtors, we went through 1 other realtor before I ended up with Eason Smith. Craig facilitated the call with Eason in order to perform a seamless hand off and the rest is history. 

Now, I'm all moved into my new home with the help of Craig and Eason. Craig still contacts me and keeps very much on top of his clients to make sure everything is going smoothly. If you ever have any questions Craig is the one to go to! 

Thanks so much Craig!"

- Iris M.