Seller: What is Needed from You...


To Protect you from Future Liability and to Comply with Statutory & Contractual Obligations

  • The time and attention to carefully complete all seller disclosures, especially the Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement & the Supplement to the RETDS.
  • Any and all property inspection reports, old or new: pest, contractor, structural engineer, soils, roof, fireplace, natural hazard, etc.
  • All available disclosure documents and reports from your purchase.
  • Estimates, invoices, plans, permit copies for repairs or renovations performed or considered.
  • Information about any insurance claims made in the past five years.
  • The appraisal from your purchase or refinance, if available.
  • Any city/county notices and reports.
  • Any other documents with material information about property condition or circumstances.
  • Contact information for any 3rd party professionals you expect to use during the sale process: accountant, lawyer, insurance agent, loan agent, 1031 exchange facilitator.
  • Most recent loan statement(s) for the estimated net proceeds calculation and to order loan payoff.
  • Keys, garage remote and alarm information: house, garage, storage, basement, out buildings.
  • Honest, straightforward communications regarding how I can best serve you, your specific goals and requirements, any changes in your plans or circumstances.

Additional documents and information are needed for Condominiums, Co-ops, TICs, and Tenant-Occupied Properties.

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