How much money do San Francisco residents make?

One of the biggest questions I hear revolves around affordability. What does it take to live "comfortably" in San Francisco? 

According to the US Census, the median annual household income for property owners in San Francisco is $111,800. While living "comfortably" is a pretty subjective matter, it's safe to say that simply owning property in the City is an acceptable standard of living for most people. 

But what about other areas of the Bay Area? With all the wealth accumulating in Silicon Valley and the exodus of people moving to SF's neighboring cities (Oakland, Marin, etc.), where does the rest of the Bay stand?


It may come as a surprise that San Francisco falls behind other cities such as San Mateo and Santa Clara. There are huge pockets of wealth within these communities that span all the way back to the mid-1990's. Silicon Valley began its development as an area of innovation with the rise of the internet and the dot-com boom.

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